Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zoo Day

Yesterday we awoke to cool very breezy weather. We had planned to take the children horseback riding, but decided that after the much needed rain the day before, that we should do something else as the trails were likely quite slippery. So, we headed off to the Detroit Zoo instead.

It was a perfect day for the animals to do more than just lounge around in the heat.

First up were the bird and butterfly aviaries:

A three toed sloth was resting in the trees above.

Then it was on to the see the amphibians and reptiles. These beauties are all behind glass, so there's no photos of them. We DID getting our youngest riding a frog though :o).

Then it was on to the outdoor animals. Even though it wasn't hot out and the animals were likely more active than normal, many of them preferred to show off their backsides, the bums :oD!! The following are the more cooperative creatures.

The capybara (above) always reminds me of a cross between a beaver and an overgrown guinea pig.

The prairie dogs are fun little critters to watch. There were some pretty funny looking ones though ;o).

As the afternoon wore on, a number of animals were ready for their siestas.

The zoo closed too soon for our liking, but we had a great time! It was a perfect day to marvel in the uniqueness of all God's creatures.

Because we remember moments, not days...

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