Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wyoming Fall Fair | Wyoming/ Lambton County Events Photographers

 Fall is that time of year where you can visit a fall fair every weekend. We love to attend our local fall fair. It's small, but it's the local community that makes it fun. For several years, the children and I participated in the fair, but when we started vacationing the first week of September, it was just too much to get everything together, tagged, and out the door on the Friday morning one week later.After walking through the exhibits this year, it almost makes me want to enter again next year, but we'll see...

This year, a touch of fall was already visible.

I confess, I took very few photos. Next year I will do better :). The biggest hit was the petting zoo. I managed to get a couple of photos of the alpaca and her baby, but it was getting too dark to get good photos of the other critters.

It really was a beautiful night though!

Because we remember moments, not days....

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