Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Beach Walk | Wyoming/Lambton County Nature Photographers

Today ushered in the first day of autumn. You wouldn't know it based on how warm it was. It hit 29C. I was dripping by the time I arrived home.

The pup was dripping because he took his first dip in the lake. He's not positive he likes it yet at this point, but he wasn't afraid of the water either. It's neat to see that instinct to swim even at the young age of ten weeks.

The colours of fall are already beginning to show. It was beautiful along the shore and so peaceful. I was sharing the beach only with one other person way off in the distance and some Canada geese.

It's already so beautiful out there now, it makes you wonder how it will look by Thanksgiving weekend!

Remembering moments not days...

365 Clouds

It was difficult not to add more than just one photo today. The sunrise was so incredible! It was the dawn of a beautiful summer-like day to the first day of autumn.

Because we remember moments, not days...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

365 Clouds

Wyoming Fall Fair Parade | Wyoming/Lambton County Events Photographers

Each year on the Wyoming Fall Fair hosts a parade on the Saturday at noon sharp. We like it! For a small town, it is well done and well attended. From bands, to the local school children marching, to local businesses and clubs.Of course we can't forget, the volunteer fire departments, and farm machinery! What's a small town parade with lots of farm machinery!?

This year, it was pouring rain, but minutes before the parade was to start, it stopped! Eventually even the sun came out. It's a good thing too because the Fall Fair parade is a real family affair. Everyone gets involved!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Wyoming Fall Fair | Wyoming/ Lambton County Events Photographers

 Fall is that time of year where you can visit a fall fair every weekend. We love to attend our local fall fair. It's small, but it's the local community that makes it fun. For several years, the children and I participated in the fair, but when we started vacationing the first week of September, it was just too much to get everything together, tagged, and out the door on the Friday morning one week later.After walking through the exhibits this year, it almost makes me want to enter again next year, but we'll see...

This year, a touch of fall was already visible.

I confess, I took very few photos. Next year I will do better :). The biggest hit was the petting zoo. I managed to get a couple of photos of the alpaca and her baby, but it was getting too dark to get good photos of the other critters.

It really was a beautiful night though!

Because we remember moments, not days....