Friday, October 15, 2010

Antique Bliss | Sarnia/Lambton County Photographers

I was invited to join our local homeschool group for an afternoon of antiques. It was a marvelous day and the turn out of parents and children was great. To top it all off, Mr. and Mrs. H graciously opened their property to us so we could learn more about how things worked before the modern conveniences of today. Talk about fascinating! I've often wished I lived in a different era, and this afternoon of watching and photographing their awesome collection reminded me again of how different life was back then. It was so awesome for the children to be allowed and even encouraged to touch all the neat things around them!

Family outings are still done in the Model T

Perhaps that's why I like being a natural light photographer. I may be shooting with a high end camera, but ultimately I am at the mercy of the light. The light will never change. There will always be shadows, highlights, hot spots, and bokeh. 

Light is simple. It's clean and bright! Life used to be simple. Sometimes it would be nice to bring the simple back. What you see is what you get. It was nice to see and enjoy the simple for an afternoon.

Finally, some more photos from the afternoon...

 Whoa that's a lot of tools!

 A creamer still in working order.

 Potbellied stove.

 A doctor's bag. (I've always wanted one of these. Don't know why though).

 Very early school books. 10 cents for a book! I wish :o)!

 The evolution of pens. It was messy business back then!

 It still runs!!

 Likewise, it's still in working order.

Breadmaking made easier.

I could post many many more photos of our afternoon, but this would be a very very long post. It was definitely a memorable afternoon for everyone involved! A very warm thank you goes out to the H family and their friends for hosting such a fun and informative afternoon!

Finding beauty in the everyday...

365 Clouds

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

365 Clouds

Golden | Sarnia/Lambton County Nature Photographers

It sounds more poetic to say golden, than yellow, but this post is indeed full of yellow. Yellow is one of the dominant colours of the fall -- especially dependent upon where you live. Here are a few yellow photos that I captured one afternoon:

Finding beauty in the everyday...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clouds 365

Let's get a little bit of the cloudiness cleared up first, alright :o)?

Sept 26

Sept 28

Sept 29

Sept 30

October 1

Oct 2

Too rainy to risk a shot of a dull grey sky.

Oct 3

Oct 4

Oct 5

Oct 6

Oct 7

Oct 9

Oct 10

Oct 11

Oct 12

Firey Red! | Sarnia/ Lambton County Nature Photographers

It's gorgeous out there these days!

Oh yeah, bring on the high colour!

Finding beauty in the everyday...