Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Webpage Updating

It's past overdue that we update our webpage. Currently I am working on some butterfly images that will go up soon. Here are two of my favorites:

Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)

Remembering moments, not days...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Bursts Forth

No more of this when we look outside.

 Spring is here! In the Norway maples (Acer platanoides).

Tiny, tiny blue flowers of the creeping speedwell (Veronica repens).

The joyful blue of the squills (Scilla spp.)

And the deep magenta of the pasque flower (Anemone pulsatilla).

There is something so wonderful in those first warm shirt sleeve type days of spring when the first brave flowers show off their unmatchable beauty!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Back In Houston

I was back in Houston again, after a week at home from my last trip. From the work side, things were not as busy, and this gave me a lot of opportunity to finish up a number of other things I had to do. Again, my evenings were free to wander downtown Houston and try to shoot this city from a different perspective. I'm not sure I succeeded but I think I did get some interesting pictures again.

It was not the nicest day to be out. I went to the top of the parking garage of the Toyota Center for this shot. I kind of thought that the city looked like a bunch of different Lego© blocks set up like buildings.

Same city, different day and the opposite side of the downtown. I drove around the downtown on my way to the airport when I was going home trying to find a place to park so I could try some different shots. It's strange how this looks similar, yet not.

Again, the same building but opposites sides on different days. This one, obviously is being built very close to the older part of downtown. These buildings that are being dwarfed by this glass tower, are so unique and were the "towers" when they were built. How long will they last before they are replaced?

I tried my hand at some night photography, without a tripod. I got a lot of pictures with fancy dancing lines. This one I almost got a steady hand for it. I had to show one, just to prove I really did try to do this. This was shot from the top of my hotel. There is a open balcony up there which allowed me some shots across the city from up high.

I'm not sure when my next trip to Houston will be. I first have to go to Chicago, then Boston, and then Red Deer, Alberta. But I'm sure I will be back in Houston shortly after all of those trips.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Incredible Sky!

Yesterday, we were driving home from a trip to the Big City. We couldn't get over the wild sky. I actually wondered if there was a tornado watch/warning out considering the wind and the incredible clouds.

An anteater traipsing across the sky.

Then dusk began to set in.

Despite the clouds there would be a sunset yet.

I love the play of light and shadow. There is such depth to it.

Because we remember moments not days...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Downtown Houston

I had the opportunity to spend a fair bit of time in downtown Houston recently. I was there for work, but I had every evening free to myself. With camera in hand, I would walk the streets and see what I could capture that was interesting. Downtown Houston is interesting in that there is a lot of construction happening and yet many older buildings still exist.

 This building was right outside my hotel, solid glass and reflecting the building right beside it.

This is the downtown YMCA, still in use, but a new YMCA is being built just behind where I stood to take this photo. What will replace the old building? Only time will tell.

This is one of a few churches in the downtown, once the tallest buildings and now miniaturized in the shadow of skyscrapers.

This picture I find interesting, in that the two skyscrapers that were on either side on me were reflected as skinny towers in the curved glass of this tower.

More of the towers of old being shadowed by the towers of the modern era.

 Skyscrapers were definitely scraping the sky on this day that the clouds rolled in. I wonder what it's like being on the top floor, in the clouds on cloudy rainy days?

It's good to see the sun come out again, especially for those people who were in the clouds yesterday!

Even in and around all of these towers, there is still some green space, and spring has the opportunity to show through in all of  the concrete and pavement.

Because there is beauty in the everyday...