Thursday, April 1, 2010

Downtown Houston

I had the opportunity to spend a fair bit of time in downtown Houston recently. I was there for work, but I had every evening free to myself. With camera in hand, I would walk the streets and see what I could capture that was interesting. Downtown Houston is interesting in that there is a lot of construction happening and yet many older buildings still exist.

 This building was right outside my hotel, solid glass and reflecting the building right beside it.

This is the downtown YMCA, still in use, but a new YMCA is being built just behind where I stood to take this photo. What will replace the old building? Only time will tell.

This is one of a few churches in the downtown, once the tallest buildings and now miniaturized in the shadow of skyscrapers.

This picture I find interesting, in that the two skyscrapers that were on either side on me were reflected as skinny towers in the curved glass of this tower.

More of the towers of old being shadowed by the towers of the modern era.

 Skyscrapers were definitely scraping the sky on this day that the clouds rolled in. I wonder what it's like being on the top floor, in the clouds on cloudy rainy days?

It's good to see the sun come out again, especially for those people who were in the clouds yesterday!

Even in and around all of these towers, there is still some green space, and spring has the opportunity to show through in all of  the concrete and pavement.

Because there is beauty in the everyday...

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