Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back In Houston

I was back in Houston again, after a week at home from my last trip. From the work side, things were not as busy, and this gave me a lot of opportunity to finish up a number of other things I had to do. Again, my evenings were free to wander downtown Houston and try to shoot this city from a different perspective. I'm not sure I succeeded but I think I did get some interesting pictures again.

It was not the nicest day to be out. I went to the top of the parking garage of the Toyota Center for this shot. I kind of thought that the city looked like a bunch of different Lego© blocks set up like buildings.

Same city, different day and the opposite side of the downtown. I drove around the downtown on my way to the airport when I was going home trying to find a place to park so I could try some different shots. It's strange how this looks similar, yet not.

Again, the same building but opposites sides on different days. This one, obviously is being built very close to the older part of downtown. These buildings that are being dwarfed by this glass tower, are so unique and were the "towers" when they were built. How long will they last before they are replaced?

I tried my hand at some night photography, without a tripod. I got a lot of pictures with fancy dancing lines. This one I almost got a steady hand for it. I had to show one, just to prove I really did try to do this. This was shot from the top of my hotel. There is a open balcony up there which allowed me some shots across the city from up high.

I'm not sure when my next trip to Houston will be. I first have to go to Chicago, then Boston, and then Red Deer, Alberta. But I'm sure I will be back in Houston shortly after all of those trips.

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