Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Gorgeous February Morning| Sarnia Lambton County Fine Art Photographers

It was so beautiful out this morning that I couldn't resist cutting classes (I am the teacher afterall) and going for a photo walk. I took the littlest one with as she was done her schoolwork for the day. The sun was shining and the snow was falling at the same time. The sky was a crystal clear blue where there weren't big dark clouds that were gently and silently dropping millions of sparkling diamonds in the form of big fluffy flakes. We heard and caught a glimpse of a woodpecker who was dining on a tree in the middle of the forest. My little chatter box was full of questions and adventure. She soon tired of Mama and her camera and found her own amusement.

Perhaps if she could see, she might not have tired so quickly of my photographic efforts ;o).

Because we remember moments, not days...


  1. Those are just beautiful! How lovely to get out in the sunny, snowy morning like that. Love the bokeh in the one towards the end. Just beautiful!

  2. Oh Deborah, I have not visited your Lavender Rise Photography site in a while. I have been missing your beautiful talent of recording another portion of your days. It was a joy to scroll back and see.