Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fergus and Elora| Sarnia/Lambton County Fine Art Photographers

We enjoyed a Saturday away with my family. We drove for a couple hours to spend some time in a couple of Ontario's scenic and historic towns. It was a lovely and relaxing day.


Some serious waterfront property. Yes this is actually a lived in house.

The same property from the front/back. It actually sits in behind another house. I "sneaked" down their little lane in hope of not meeting them or a dog to get this photo.

Fabulous stonework with lookouts down toward the water. I'm not sure if it used to be part a dam for a mill or whether it was built simply for beauty.

More beautiful buildings.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.


An old furniture factory.

My brother trying to stop the dam from leaking :o).

Likely an old mill.

Another abandoned factory.

Beautiful bridgework.

This house was hidden by a super high hedge all around except for the iron gate that you could peek through. I love the field stone pillars.

Photos by both Murray and I.

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  1. I love all the old architecture. Beautiful!