Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Search of Mulberries

We went in search of mulberries this morning. It was hot, hazy, and humid. It was also a very pretty walk.

We have to go through our neighbour's soybean field. We saw:

 Chartreuse clusters of grapes waiting to be ripened by the hot summer sun.

A cherry tree picked clean by greedy robins.

Delicate blossoms hanging from an unnamed tree.

Cabbage white butterflies enjoying their breakfast.

A frightened orange toad.

 Trees destroyed by time and weather juxtaposed against the blue and white sky.

A young sumac, still devoid of her red velvet coat.

And of course mulberries, not quite ripe enough for picking yet, so...

We walked down to the creek to see if there was any water still in it. There was. We saw, so we picked our way home across the bean field in time for a snack.

It's fun having our very own "trail" of sorts. We never know what we might see.

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