Friday, May 7, 2010


Two weeks ago I was in Boston at an Aspen (engineering software) conference. The travel there was not the best (I missed my flight). The Aspen folks kept us very busy. So I didn't have much free time to enjoy Boston. A pity really. But I had a camera in tow, so I did get a chance to capture a little of the city.

Interestingly, the hotel for the conference was right across the street from the Boston Public Library. I think they have a lot more books here than in our small town library.

This building was on the opposite corner. What I found interesting here was that this tower of glass was right next to so many old buildings. I found this tower of glass interesting to photograph, so here a a few more, from different angles.

The church that you see reflected in the tower of glass was also very interesting in itself, but of course very different, in that it was much older. The craftsmanship around this building was amazing. Here are a few of the details.

I took many more pictures around the church, but I just can't put them all here.

On Tuesday evening the Aspen folks treated us to a habour cruise and dinner. The sky had threatened rain all day, but as we headed out on the cruise, the clouds were getting pushed away. The following are a few of the Boston harbour sunset pictures that I was able to capture.

It was incredible to watch the colour of the sky change as we moved along on the cruise.

This is where the boat turned around and we headed back. The sun had set and by the time we were moving in the other direction, it was dark out. I tried a few night shoots of the skyline as we went past the skyscrapers again, but the lights went all blurry. I was missing my tripod again!

This was taken from my hotel window. In Houston it was the old YMCA trying to survive among the towers. Here in Boston it's the old YWCA. That tower of glass, that I showed earlier is right across the street, to the left.

This was also taken from my hotel window. I just found this strange. There are no lines on the street for lanes. These cars seem to know where they should be, but a number of times I looked down and saw cars going in different directions trying to move to the corners. It just seemed a little odd.

That is what I captured of Boston. The city is interesting and I would love to spend some more time there, when I have the time to walk the streets and capture more of the city with my camera.

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