Friday, March 12, 2010

Brown Pelicans

We spent our week living among the locals in a funky little house about a thirty second walk from the beach. By locals, I mean not only the people, but the wildlife. We saw the pelicans fishing off shore everyday, but one day was especially busy. I think the way the waves were rolling that day, the fish had moved with them and were feasting (and being feasted upon in return) about two hundred feet out from shore.

We were continually amazed by the pelicans' abilities. For such a large bird, their skills are impeccable! It was rare that we didn't see them pop back up from their super quick, super shallow dive, without a fish in their pouch, and then promptly gobble it up.

They weren't afraid to fly in quite close.

Going in for dinner!

Coming up...

with dinner.

And taking off again, to find some more!

Finally after feeling full, there's always some time to rest in the sun ;o).

It was fun to watch another one of the unique and specially designed animals that God has made!

Because there is beauty in the everyday...

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